Reasonable Cause Supervisor Training

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A workplace that is “Fit for Duty” (psychologically and physically capable of working safely) is the cornerstone of a safe and healthy workplace. Subsequently, every organization needs supervisors and front-line managers who can effectively identify employees who may not be Fit for Duty and to take appropriate action in these situations.

Employee drug and alcohol testing cannot be preformed based on a mere hunch. Reasonable Cause Supervisor Training delivers the substance awareness, necessary tools, and practical skills to recognize and appropriately handle employees who may not be Fit for Duty.

This 5-hour course will prepare supervisors for determining whether or not reasonable cause exists and what to do when they suspect it. This course exceeds both the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace (COAA/Energy Safety Canada) and U.S. Department of Transportation requirements for Supervisor Training.

Program Outline:

  • Applicable Legislation and Industry Standards – Overview of Human Rights, Privacy, and OH&S
  • Alcohol – Interaction with the body, effects/signs of intoxication, alcohol worksite rules
  • Cannabis – Legalization, cannabis products, impairment, medical vs. recreational cannabis
  • Drugs / Medications – Signs of impairment, commonly abused drugs, prescription medications
  • Processes / Protocols – Medical clearance, post-incident testing, reasonable cause process
  • Test Result Management – Refusals & positive test management
  • Case Studies – For practicing skills gained through the training

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