Substance Abuse Assessments

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Substance Abuse Assessments are available with our contracted Substance Abuse Professional via Skype. Assessments are offered for employees testing positive for alcohol or drugs, mandatory supervisor referrals, as well as self-referrals. Appointments are made available within 3 business days of contact. The initial appointment consists of a 2-hour evaluation to assess the individual, determine a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan.


Assessments are also available in-person through our Nationwide Network service providers. Shift OHS. will provide you with referrals to a qualified service provider throughout Canada and the US and oversee the entire process.

Where applicable, as part of the Substance Abuse Assessment process, a Return to Duty Agreement or Conditional Work Agreement will be drafted and provided for use by the company. In addition, a follow up testing schedule will be generated for all employees who return to work following a positive test situation. Monthly and/or quarterly monitoring is available to ensure testing requirements are completed.

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