Respirator Mask Fit Testing

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When workers are exposed to potentially harmful airborne contaminants, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require these exposed workers be protected by wearing a respirator. This testing must be done on a scheduled basis.

Quantitative Respirator Mask Fit Testing & Respiratory Health Surveillance services are available to meet CSA standard Z94.4. Quantitative mask fit testing is available on several brands of masks, including N95s.


In accordance with OH&S Regulations, a Fit to Wear Respirator Evaluation must be completed prior to every mask fit test to ensure that an individual is free from physiological and psychological conditions that may preclude them from safely using the selected respirator.

In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, a Fitness to Wear Respiratory Evaluation is completed prior to every respirator mask fit test. Quantitative Respirator Mask Fit Testing is performed by qualified technicians. Potential issues or concerns are referred to our contracted Occupational Health Physician for review and will be reported back to the employer.

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