Fit for Duty / Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

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In consultation with your program administrator, we will develop a Fitness for Duty or Drug and Alcohol policy that meets all legislative/industry standard requirements including:

  • Human Rights legislation
  • Privacy legislation
  • Occupational Health & Safety legislation
  • The Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace
  • United States Department of Transportation Regulations
  • Industry-specific legislation and requirements (ie. Transport Canada, Canadian Aviation Regulations, etc.)
  • Contractor Management requirements (ISNetworld, Avetta, etc.)

Our policies include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Definitions / Glossary
  • Responsibilities – Employee, Supervisor, and Company
  • Supervisor Training Requirements
  • Fitness for Duty Requirements
  • Prohibited Alcohol and Drug Related Conduct
  • Duty to Disclose Obligations
  • Investigations – Medical Clearance, Unfit for Duty Situations, Suspected Presence of Alcohol, Drugs, or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Prevention, Assistance, Rehabilitation, and Aftercare
  • Testing Standards
  • Testing Situations
  • Interpretation of Test Results
  • Test Management Protocols (Courses of Action)
  • Social Hosting
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Obligations
  • Policy-Related Costs

Included Policy-Related Documentation: Safety Sensitive Decision Matrix, Reasonable Cause Checklist, Post-Incident Decision Matrix, Medical Clearance Form, Positive Test Notice, Employee FAQ, Statement of Contractor Requirements (if needed).

Our policies undergo periodic legal review to ensure compliance with evolving legislation.

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